Medical marijuana can be used to treat diabetic neuropathy!! Treatment can help to alleviate symptoms such as:

Trouble sleeping
Neuropathic pain
The University of California at San Diego conducted a recent, controlled and randomized study showing inhaling medical weed can calm pain from diabetic neuropathy for a few hours without severely impairing cognitive function. Individuals experienced more relief the more concentrated the dose was.

You have cannabinoid receptors throughout your brain, nervous system nerves, spinal cord and on inflammatory cells, according to the study’s lead author. When you stimulate these receptors, it leads to decreased inflammation and pain relief.

Another smaller 2010 study showed one inhalation of 25mg of 9.4 percent THC herbal marijuana a few times each day for five days improved sleep, decreased pain intensity and patients tolerated it well.
Medical marijuana is a helpful anti-inflammatory therapy and does not risk the same side effects as steroids, which diabetics are supposed to always stay away from. Due to the fact arterial inflammation usually occurs during a diabetic’s life, cannabinoids are of great use to those who need an alleviator. Medical marijuana also treats patients with its neuroprotective properties, which means it will help protect nerve covering from inflammatory attacks caused by glycoproteins in the blood.