There is a positive connection between marijuana/cannabis and HIV/AIDS. As the studies mentioned above have shown, it’s effective at treating many of the symptoms associated with the condition itself, as well as the side effects of antiretroviral therapy.

Medical cannabis is useful for:

Reducing peripheral neuropathy. A common form of pain that’s associated with HIV/AIDS is peripheral neuropathy, which occurs when the nerves outside your spinal cord and brain become damaged. This leads to impaired coordination, pain, muscle loss, paresthesia (a pricking or burning feeling that’s most commonly experienced in your arms, legs, hands or feet) and pain. A study found that 67 of 450 peripheral neuropathy sufferers felt that cannabis improved their symptoms. A 2005 survey of 143 HIV-positive respondents found that 90 percent of those patients reported improvement in their nerve pain.
Reducing pain. HIV/AIDS causes debilitating and severe pain. Taking cannabis can significantly mitigate this pain.