CBD when taken in excess will be stored in our fat cells to use later, based on this for those who suffer chronic or bad conditions it may be worth consuming a large dose of CBD of around 200mg- 300mg over a day or two .Once you have consumed the high dose, you should take smaller doses each day at the onset of pain and discontinue once the pain disappears, repeat each day as and when needed.
Tip 1. Inhale the product and hold it in, this is important as it allows your body to consume the entire dose.
Tip 2.Vaping with a good pen is best, the style that are about as wide as a cigar are best for chronic, if using a mod box (the type that produce huge vapor clouds) that has variable wattage try to keep it bellow 25 watts on a 0,5ohm coil or 55 watts on a 0.15 ohm coil. Ideal Watts would be at around 15-20 watts to prevent burning off the cbd.
Tip 3CBD is stored in fat cells, the longer you take CBD the less you need for the same effect, therefore, over a few weeks you should get the same result from as little as 10mg of CBD.
Tip 4.CBD will not FIX a problem, pain is caused for a reason, most conditions need a medical evaluation. For long term pain management, it would be best to seek medical advice on how to resolve the source of pain and use CBD to help with the management of the pain.
Tip 5. It has been suggested by research that a person is best to have a build- up supply of CBD in fat cells for better effects for pain management.