Research on cannabis and insomnia is somewhat limited due to federal regulations. Nevertheless, many studies show effectiveness when it comes to improving sleep with marijuana. Anecdotal evidence from individual users often shows good results when using marijuana to improve sleep.
Medical cannabis can be a very efficient alternative treatment option for patients who suffer greatly from insomnia. Many patients report that, when compared to conventional sleep medications, cannabis works far better, is not habit-forming and leaves them feeling extremely well the next day.

In cases where medical marijuana can treat the underlying cause of insomnia, it will treat the insomnia itself in turn. Medical marijuana may also increase the severity or cause some of these problems, so monitoring by a medical professional to ensure optimal results is necessary.
Some research suggests that medical marijuana can even boost the quality of a person’s sleep and reduce the frequency of nightmares in people with stress-related sleep problems.
Insomnia Symptoms Treated by Medical Marijuana
Some symptoms medical marijuana and insomnia treatment can help with are:
1. Sleeping difficulty: Cannabis is an efficient sleep aid since it restores an individual’s natural sleep cycle and when struggling with insomnia, your sleep cycle can definitely fall out of sync.
2. Daytime sleepiness: Most people who think about medical weed imagine it causing sleepiness, relaxation and giddiness.