Dr. Cannabis Compassionate Clinic is dedicated to making medical cannabis therapy affordable and available to those patients who qualify. We are a Veteran owned business that offers Veteran discounts. As Medical Cannabis education and popularity grows, it’s uses will expand. If you have a chronic medical condition and believe you qualify, contact us for an consultation.

$199.00 for Consultation(includes $50.00 appointment fee)
$150.00 Follow up appointments or transfers.
Follow up appointments are every 6 months.
$25.00 Veteran Discount on every appointment

Our goal at Dr. Cannabis Compassionate Clinic & Wellness Center is to empower patients to choose the best treatment approach for their chronic medical condition. We are devoted to the evaluation, certification, and treatment of qualified patients who meet the State of Florida legal requirements for receiving medical cannabis. In addition to patients covered under the State’s prior medical cannabis laws, we now also treat patients who qualify under Florida’s Amendment 2.