“NO 10% CAP!!!”

As promised, we are NOT going away. We have a challenge that needs to be met and all of you are needed to help meet that challenge.

As you may have heard, during this legislative session which began Jan 14th, the Florida Senate will most likely bring us the return of their attempt to limit the THC content in flower, as well as other products, to 10%. It will likely be in the form of an amendment to an otherwise popular bill so it is our responsibility to keep our eyes open.

Please Be Aware:

* There is no scientific evidence which would lead to this arbitrary limit.

* Creating this obstacle to patients’ access to effective medicine would wreak havoc on the current system.
* Limiting the amount of THC will require patients to purchase more products to achieve needed relief.
* Reducing the amount of THC in legally obtained products will create greater demand for illegal market product.

But you know all of this. We need to tell our legislators. We need to overwhelm them with phone calls, emails and even visits to their local offices.

Please reach out to:

Senator Bill Galvano (Florida’s current Senate president)

Senator Rob Bradley

Senator Wilton Simpson (Florida’s next Senate president)

As always, we appreciate your continued donations which enable us to move forward for you and with you.
Please support those who support us and together we will succeed.

We are NOT going away and Together We Win!!

Highest Regards, As Always…
The Board of Regulate Florida

Michael Minardi, Chairman
Karen Seeb Goldstein, Vice Chairman
Pamela Kagan, Director,
Christopher Williams, Director,
David Rakower, Director