Suboxone is a medication that will relieve symptoms of opioid withdrawal by filling the opioid receptors in the brain partially. As such, it can help users of heroin transition into treatment more effectively by preventing them from having the painful withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin. The drug typically prescribed during this time is Subutex, which is then transitioned to Suboxone. The only difference between these two medications is the presence of naloxone, which is used to discourage abuse of the medication.Should users attempt to take other opioids while taking Suboxone, these opioids will be blocked from the brain’s receptors by Suboxone, preventing the normal high that comes from these drugs. This can assist in undoing the positive reinforcement loop that previously caused the addiction, because users will no longer receive the same reward for opioid use. They will also not experience the withdrawal from stopping opiate use, making it easier to stick to a treatment program.