Patients define the side effects of marijuana, not manufacturers, since cannabis is a natural medicine not produced by pharmaceutical companies. Some of the side effects of medical marijuana actually double as a treatment for breast cancer patients.

side effect benefits

The effects that will help people with breast cancer include:

Hunger/increased appetite: Like other types of cancer, breast cancer can reduce your appetite, which also exacerbates rapid weight loss. Medical marijuana gives you “the munchies,” or an increase in appetite. While the increase feels inconvenient for some patients, it will help you get nutrients if you have appetite issues.
Insomnia/energy boost: Cancer exhausts the person experiencing it. Depending on the strain of marijuana, you could use it to feel a burst of energy. Make sure you choose the right strain of marijuana and take it during the day instead of at night.
Drowsiness/sleep aid: Some of the symptoms of cancer and its treatments, such as pain and nausea, can make it difficult for a patient to fall asleep. If you take a relaxing strain at night, you can get a better night’s rest