Medical Cannabis for Anxiety Disorder

More and more research proves that cannabis is beneficial for anxiety disorders.Medical Cannabis does more than reduce general anxiety —cannabis also targets some of the major symptoms of social anxiety disorder.
For people with an anxiety disorder, living under high amounts of stress is a daily reality. Depending on each person’s triggers and the degree of the disorder, their stress can be acute, episodic or chronic. Stress causes a host of other negative side effects, including digestive problems, fatigue, depression, irritability, chest pains, and negative thoughts.
Cannabis has been shown to reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that reveals how much stress your body is under in any given moment — while high cortisol levels mean that your body is in high stress, low cortisol levels indicate a more subdued reaction. When treated with marijuana, the cortisol levels in patients noticeably dropped, indicating that their bodies were entering a more relaxed and stress-free state.
Insomnia is a common, frustrating and stressful symptom of many anxiety disorders. However, marijuana could provide an answer to a chronic lack of sleep. Patients suffering insomnia as a result of their anxiety were administered a CBD-high strain of cannabis in a study. As the trial progressed, sleep duration and quality drastically improved, along with a reduction in overall feelings of anxiety.