In low quantities Cannabis can substantially reduce worry and anxiety. CBD, one of marijuana’s active ingredients that you’ll find most prevalent in indica strains, is effective at dealing with stress and anxiety. So, when you dose your herb properly according to the recommendation of a doctor, medical weed — particularly when using strains high in CBD and low in THC — could be a significantly safer and more effective alternative than the more traditional medications doctors commonly prescribe for panic disorder.

Although there is an abundance of anxiety medications, such as sedatives and SSRIs, those patients who aren’t happy often look for something more fast-acting and natural with less harsh side effects. For most of these patients, marijuana is the answer. There’s sound science behind cannabis containing compounds that work to reduce anxiety at a cellular level when dosed properly.
Animal and cell studies, patient self-reports and human trials all show marijuana causes sedation, leading to a decrease in anxiety in many patients. Certain studies involving healthy participants and animal models show CBD has anxiolytic-like effects and decreases anxiety in individuals who are struggling with social anxiety disorder.
Individuals with social phobia who used CBD experienced reduced discomfort, cognitive impairment and anxiety when asked to participate in a simulated public speaking situation.