TALLAHASSEE – The Florida House repealed the state’s ban on smokeable medical marijuana on Wednesday, meeting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ demand that lawmakers do so and handing the governor the first legislative victory of his 3-month-old administration.

The bill (SB 182) passed by a 101-11 vote. It passed the Senate last week 38-0.

“This is a difficult issue, and you’re going to have people on both sides; some that are happy that now this is available to them and others that feel that we didn’t go far enough,” House Speaker Jose Oliva said after the vote. “We did the best that we could do and still remain responsible.”

In addition to the smoking ban repeal, the bill allows doctors to order a 210-day supply of medical marijuana for patients, up from the current 70-day supply limit, requires doctors to submit patient data for research into the effects of smoking and requires patients under the age of 18 to have a terminal condition and get a second opinion from a pediatrician before receiving the drug.