As you can tell from the evidence, marijuana serves as a versatile medical aid for cancer patients. The general symptoms of cancer often appear as qualifying conditions for states that legalize medical marijuana.
For instance, a symptom resulting from both cancer and its treatments is nausea. It turns out that many legal states consider severe nausea as a health problem suitable for cannabis use. We even have synthetic cannabinoids out there used for antiemetic purposes, so even federal authorities understand marijuana’s potential.
When you use medical marijuana for Cancer and related health issues, however, you should keep a few things in mind:
• At the moment, we can’t use marijuana as a miracle drug to cure cancer, although maybe with further research, we’ll find more cancer-curing potential. There have been several studies that showed that cannabis can stop some tumors from growing. Until more research is done you should use cannabis as a supplement to your treatment regimen rather than a replacement.
You might not have a completely positive experience with marijuana right away. Some patients don’t react well to it and find aspects like the taste and smell to be off-putting. If you want to use marijuana for your health, you need to have an open mind and be willing to experiment.